Learnin' to love
I'm learnin' a new kind of game.
From now on
It won't be the same
As it was in the past,
But I'm glad
Growin' up's kinda bad

Learnin' to love
Is nice with a teacher like you
I'm gettin' a new point of view
I'm learnin' to love

[Verse 2:]
A new kind of thrill
A chilly feelin'
Whenever I speak your name
And I didn't know
That so much feelin'
Could ever be found in a game

[Verse 3:]
Learnin' to love
Be kind to me,
Please take it slow.
For this is my first time you know
I'm learnin' to love.


[Repeat chorus]

[Repeat verse 1]

[Repeat verse 2]

[Repeat verse 3]
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Learning To Love Lyrics

Peggy King – Learning To Love Lyrics