I wanna shine like a light in the darkness.
I wanna spray my share of sparks.
I wanna serve like Mother Teresa,
Sit up front like Rosa Parks.

All the way to my final days
I want to live so I can say,
"What a ride
What a ride! "

I wanna hear a song like Motzart,
See like van Gogh on a starry night.
I wanna dream a tale like Tolkein,
Tell what's true, what's wrong, what's right.


I wanna take a step like Neil Armstrong,
Dive as deep as Jacques Cousteau.
I wanna be where the spirit leads me,
Only stop when the world says, "Go."


I wanna celebrate all I'm lacking.
I wanna elevate joy to an art,
Overcome like Helen Keller,
See with my soul, hear with my heart.


I wanna fix my eyes on Jesus.
I wanna please the great I am!
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What A Ride Lyrics

Peder Eide – What A Ride Lyrics

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