Lies and betrayals
Fruit-covered nails
Electricity and lust
Won't break the door
I've got a heavy coat it's
filled with rocks and sand
And if I lose it
I'll be coming back one day
(I got a message for you
I keep it in my hand,
I've got a sister or two)

Still knows the tricks
Tricks are everything to me
Until it's free I've got
A trigger cut and I
Can't pull it back but
If I learn how I'll be
Coming back to-day

I learned the truth,
The truth in the words,
Truth I made for you
Because it's just as good
And if I spit it out
Before I chew this
Ring I'll rearrange it
'Til it looks just right today.
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Trigger Cut Lyrics

Pavement – Trigger Cut Lyrics