Sherri, you smell different
Get up early in the bed
For you morning comes so easy
Spells have been cast and the urge has been lost
Snipers posted bills
As they should
Of our midnight vacation
Back on the planet now
I'm beginning to see just how
Echelon your dreams and they'll come true
Type slowly
One of us is a cigar stand
And one of us is
A lovely blue incandescent guillotine
The edge of creation is blurred and blushed
Not a lot of room to grow
Inside this leather terrarium
People of the bay
It is excruciatingly gray
Face the front when he comes for you
Type slowly
Cherish your memorized weakness
Fashioned from a manifesto
Lady, I am no futurist
I'm my only critic, I
Trolls in the glen are consorting again
The liberals say they don't exist
But I know that they do
Reinforce your literal ass
Hit it on the first or second pass
Frozen images, respected few
Type slowly
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Type Slowly Lyrics

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Pavement – Type Slowly Lyrics

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