Well, summertime's here and it's uch a good feeling
School is out and now I'm all about chillin'
Hangin' with my buddies at a barbque
You can call your friends and we'll meet around 2 o'clock

Around the block, people walking, talking
About whatever as they head to the park
And I think the temperatures a warm 85 in the sunshine
And now my cities alive

No worries 'bout rain on a sunny day
'Cuz the blue skies chasin' all the clouds away
It's just me my family and all my friends
'Cuz in the summer every day is a weekend

I can feel your love like a breeze off the water
Your love, your love, your love

Oh, yea, na, na, na, I know that it's right now
Around 7 pm, I'm gonna call my friends
Wake them up from a nap 'cuz they probably slept in
Go home grab a bite and change my clothes

I'm headed out with my crew cruisin' the roads
Lookin' for some fun on a positive tip
Roll down the windows, turnin' up the music

I caught an eye saying hit to some fly, honnies
So we stopped and taled and just shot the breeze
'Cuz summertime is so kick back
Sometimes, I wish my life is always like that

Around mid night and now I'm headed back home
Thinking to myself when I'm all alone
Thank God for a beautiful day
I feel your love in so many ways

In the hot summer breeze
Underneath the trees
Where the shade is cool
And I'm thinkin' of you and everything is fine
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I Can Feel Your Love Lyrics

Paul Wright – I Can Feel Your Love Lyrics

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