Whatever makes you happy
Is exactly what you will wear
I wouldn't dream of changing you
For a minute or in a year
Whatever makes you happy
Is exactly how you will stay
Whatever makes you happy is okay
Whatever made you hungry

Is the one thing you have found
You`re starving for affection
I guess sex just lets you down
Whatever made you turn away
It's a shame it made you late
For whatever makes you happy
I don`t care let it rain

You make me nervous
You make me jealous
You make me wonder when you lie
You make me want to vomit
And I promise

I want you til the day I die
Whatever makes you famous
Ain't contagious
Please don't run
You're falling down a stairwell
Calling farewell anyone
Whatever makes you lonesome

It's the same that sets you free
Now whatever makes you happy
I'm pretty sure isn't me
Whatever makes you happy baby
I could make you happy baby
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Whatever Makes You Happy Lyrics

Paul Westerberg – Whatever Makes You Happy Lyrics

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