("singles" soundtrack, british "world class fad" b-side)

All my life, waiting for somebody
Ah-ha-ha, come and take my hand
All my life, waiting for somebody
Ah-ha-ha, whoa, yeah

Down so long, doesn't really matter
This downtown home, been kicked and I've been spurred
You comin' along? it does't really matter
I'll go it alone--doesn't even hurt

I'm waitin' for the day, waitin' for the day that you come my way...

I drove down deep, made a big decision
I'm going to sleep--i'm going there alone
I know damn well I'm tired of all this cryin'
On my feet as far as I can tell

Somebody... somebody... somebody... somebody... etc.
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Waiting For Somebody Lyrics

Paul Westerberg – Waiting For Somebody Lyrics

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