This girl wears glasses she always has
Can't remember a time without them
And she can trace every faze
In her photograph album
And this is girl is pretty she's always been
With her glasses or without them
And if she could see the girl I see
Maybe she'd no longer doubt it
When I tell her she's lovely
When I tell her she's cool
When I tell her my light goes on when she's in the room
When I tell her I love her
And I tell her I'll be
Right there beside her all the time's she can't see
Well this is girl is I fussy she's always been
Things have to be just right
From the way that she dresses to who she believes
She makes sure the bed clothes are tucked in tight
Well I told you she's fussy so it puzzles me
Why this girl wants to be with me
Maybe she feels it deep in her soul
That I really love her
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This Girl Wears Glasses Lyrics

Paul Colman – This Girl Wears Glasses Lyrics