Cried a lotta blues up and down the street
(I'd) lose everything I had but I would not lose the beat
Oh yeah, oh no!
Had a lotta lovin', bitter and the sweet

Bring you up in glory, drop you in defeat
Oh yeah, oh no!
Oh what a world!

Oh, what a world we live in
But it's the one we're given
Stand up and face the trouble!
Baby, I'm gonna love you
And you can try to love me too
Oh, yeah, oh, no! Oh, what a world!

Middle of the night, wake up in a sweat
The devil's gonna get me but he has not got me yet
Oh yeah, oh no!
Reach out and I hold you and we double up our love

If I wind up down below you will you watch me from above?
Oh, yeah oh, no!
Oh, what a world!


Oh, yeah!
Baby keep hangin on
Oh, no!
don't you ever let go

Oh, yeah!
There's a wind comin' up
Oh, no!
And the sun's bound to show

Take you to the races, put our money down
Pick up all our winnings, dance all over town
Oh, yeah! oh, no!
Oh, what a world!

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Oh What A World Lyrics

Paul Brady – Oh What A World Lyrics

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