When a wall surrounds? you always make a way
When the ocean drowns? you come walking on the waves
When I kick and scream on the bedroom floor
And you've picked me up a hundred times before
You hold me and love me just the same
Just the same
And I can't live without you
I'd sooner die than try to
I cannot live without you?
You're all I need

And I can't live without you
When I'm far from home? I hear you call my name
And you wrap your arms around me like a willow in the rain
When it all comes down I'm on solid ground
And the winds may blow but I'm safe and sound
And you whisper, it's gonna be OK
It'll be OK
Not ashamed to be helpless hiding at the feet of the lamb who died
And made a way where there was no way
Don't care if they call me crazy I need you like the air I'm breathing
And wherever you are I never will be far away
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Can't Live Without You Lyrics

Paul Alan – Can't Live Without You Lyrics

Songwriters: PAUL ALAN
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