When you love someone like you do
There's no in between, not for you
You give him everything that you got
You love him all the way or not
When you love someone it just hurts
When you've done everything to make it work
So when everything's not enough
Maybe he's just not the one

Sometimes love walks away
Sometimes love has to change
Sometimes the heart has to break
But you're not the only one
That's been hurt by love
Sometimes love's not the way
That you thought it would be
Sometimes you just got to leave
But you're not the only one
That's been hurt by love
When you love someone it's natural
To have second thoughts, should you go
It's not easy girl, being strong
You keep wondering if you were wrong
But don't you fall for that it's a game
The trying to make you feel you're to blame
To protect your heart there's no shame
You know better girl walk away

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Patti LaBelle – SOMETIMES LOVE Lyrics

Songwriters: EDMONDS
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