The embellishment and savagery
Of virtue to rearrange
This violent subjugation
An infection of humanities reign
With sickened precision
The wolves cut out thine heart
I offer this lamentation
To the grievance of innocence lost

A soul shrouded in darkness
Subfernal - A division of hell
A soul surrounded by blackness
Subfernal - A division of hell

This damnation fills me with repent
You're pain won't be forgotten
I long for retribution but cannot
Heal the scars of this damage done

One for the fury
One for the hate
One for the evil you bare
For faith will mean nothing
When shadows draw near
As the darkness comes back just to haunt you again and again

You stand alone in this test of time
Alive in this torment, the remains of this heart I will bind

One for the fury
One for the hate
One for scars that you hide
For nothing is sacred
For nothing is safe
And nothing can put out the flames of this fire inside
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Identity Theft Lyrics

Pathogen – Identity Theft Lyrics