[Chorus: x2]
I heard about that money, that's some nice change
For the right price, we'll buss the right brains.
Boy look, nigga don't play no games no mo
Niggas a buss ya head if you bang they ho.

Say I heard about the money, that's some nice change.
For the right price I'll buss the right thang.
See I ain't playing.
My nigga don't play no games no mo.
We just sit back and plot and load up the ammo.
Cause this a kick doe.
So bitch lay it down.
Fill a nigga with rounds fo fuckin round.
Knock down yo mound, you temptin' me.
Bumpin' yo gums, flexin' bout yo jewellery.
Ya wannabe, its bout to be a tragedy.
I catch em slippin' while he rollin' in his Bentley.
Fo sheezy my neezy, I'm off da meter.
P.T. and this little nigga, Little Peter.
I grab tha millimeter.
Yeah, that heater heater.
I put money down hope to see they hit the fuckin' doe.
And ain't no lookin' back.
I'm dressed in all black.
Ready for combat.
I heard about that change.

[Chorus: x2]

I heard about that money, that's some nice change.
Fo the right price, I'll buss the right brains.
I scoop em up like a muthafuckin hurricane.
I'm shottin him, her and everything.
Cocaine distribution got me ridin fo you.
On my way to da Nolia,
Bout to roll on dem souljas.
And then its Mississippi,
Then its Alabama.
Pimp this bird wit bout 15 birds.
Ride through Promise U. to get served.
23 a ki. and you ain't gotta shop with me.
I'm catchin mine from the sea.
It's P.T. That's why I keep a .44
Nigga a buss ya head if you band his ho.
But I'm too deep in this game.
Yeah pussy nigga,
You done heard bout that change.

[Chorus: x2]
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Nice Change Lyrics

Pastor Troy – Nice Change Lyrics