Hey baby
La da li da da da

Hey baby
I know its late but I wanted to say
How you were doing
So how are you doing?
Mistakes, I know I made but I wanted to say
Baby I'm willing to make things right

Can we talk a while?
About anything and everything if there's anything
I can do to make it right
Cause I miss your smile
And lately girl I haven't been myself
And I wanna take this time to say

I don't wanna settle for the one that I don't love
And I can't see myself with nobody but you love
Honey if you could only see
That there's nobody else in this world for me
Then maybe then you'll see
Why I need you desperately

Now baby
I know there are times you worry bout
You and me
So don't you worry bout a thing, listen
Cause your like water, your like water
Except I need you more than eight times a day or essential
More important than the air I breathe


Looking back on all the loves that I had before
I didn't see forever in their eyes
But when I look at you
I see you in the picture of my life
Baby then you'll see
Why I need you desperately
Ohh desperately
Why I need you desperately

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Desperately Lyrics

Passion – Desperately Lyrics