You're part of the plan I've made.
It took some time to figure things out
But now I know, yes, now I know.

Maybe it's just me.
Maybe I'm bad for you
But if you want me to stay then I'll stay here with you.

Let's share a grave in the backyard of your father's old factory.
Let's take a walk together and pretend we're proud.
This is the best we'll ever do and I'm fine with it

So what about you?

If you want to you can be free forever.
Just let me be the one who releases you.
And if you need to find someone strong and clever,
Just keep on searching,
This one's not over yet.

All bottles are broken or empty.
We're still too proud to drink the rest from the glasses.
The drinks seem to die in our hands.
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You're Part Of The Plan I've Made Lyrics

Paraquat – You're Part Of The Plan I've Made Lyrics