I take fright at answers you can't give
Don't forget to wonder
Hyacinths, they knew how meadows sing
We've unlearned dreaming ages ago

Kestrels flap their graceful wings
O let me persist in dizzy conteplations
Is there anyone who roused
The early swallows
O thou kindred spirit
Below a star-sprangled sky

Don't you listen to the quiet
Can't you taste its heady skin
O thou uttermost poetry,
Describe my heartbeat

While the trees unfold,
Picking scattered gold
I just lie beneath
In the bloom of youth

Would you think about fate
If a breeze of hope blinked
Through the thickest solitude

Would you die within me
If your dreams came true and I
Couldn't run away with you
Would you reach out for stars
If you noticed that your life
Was inaudible and mute
O thou horrible crowd.
I don't regret my call for eternity

Do you smell the air
Of my soul despair
There's a lighthouse
At the sea - that is me
I wish to row
Beyond thy landmarks
My scared silence
Seems to be a wise man's brow
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Confort Me, Infinity Lyrics

Paragon Of Beauty – Confort Me, Infinity Lyrics