There's a movie playing in my head
Bombs falling and children crying
The Sunrise the sky turns Red
Load your guns tonight

There's a song playing down the hall
All alone there's an old man dying
I can't feel anything at all
Something isn't right

This is a state of emergency
I've been running from a tragedy
There's a battle raging in my head
And I don't want to be left for dead
This is a state of emergency
Don't want to be another casualty
There's a cemetery in my head
And I don't want to be left for dead

There's a world standing in my way
Father said that I best stop trying
Stand down it will be OK
You don't have to fight

There's a picture hanging on the wall
Of a memory that I'm denying
The sun sets and the angels fall
Something isn't right


No don't leave me here alone
I don't want to make this hell my home
I would rather die than sell my soul
I would rather lie than let you go

There's a voice screaming in my head
Telling me that I best stop crying
Stand up it will be OK
Load your guns tonight


State of Emergency [Repeat: x3]
I don't wanna be left for dead
Left for Dead
Left for Dead
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State Of Emergency Lyrics

Papa Roach – State Of Emergency Lyrics

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