Sweetheart's dance, that's what we do
The two heart two-step baby, that's me and you
Sweetheart's dance round and round
Make out in the corner
Lover's quarrel, sweetheart's dance

Sometimes babe I hate you cause my love's
so strong
And then you make me feel so right
I think it must be wrong
You move me, you move me
This love don't make no sense
We make each other crazy baby
And dance the sweetheart's dance

Love sets us in motion and gets down around
our feet
We're living to the rhythm of our heart's together beating
I love you, I love you, let me whisper in
your ear
Let me kiss you on the shoulder honey
Let me hold you near


Got your hand in my back pocket
Got your eyes all off in space
How 'bout we just get out of here
And find a quiet place

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Sweetheart's Dance Lyrics

Pam Tillis – Sweetheart's Dance Lyrics

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