I've become one with the universe-------------?
I'm controling the power of cosmos hoping to drive in space space!
Acid in space!
It takes me to another dimension relieving from reality
Living in a world of delusions these drugs keep me sane
The world will discover it's not all me exposing the life that you breath
Feeling lighter is all I----? Reflecting the truth to delusions and dreams
Lost in my empty feelings it's better there pronounce me dead
Promise I'd live like fire in the sun
I can't see through the cloud that surrounds me
Painted pictures are not like the way that you think
By having the answers in my eyes in my mind in my soul
I'm losing control the sky keeps falling on me
Exposing the life that you breath
Reflecting the truth to delusions and dreams
Feeling lighter is about like the heavenly seed
Why is this happening to me
Never trusted by my inner feeling it's better to be dead than to be alive
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Delusions Lyrics

Pain – Delusions Lyrics

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