Get it up, keep it up,
As good as you can,
The change is good as the rest is,
To be or not to be when s**t hits the fan,
This is the ultimate test

One up the b-side(x2)

Sing it out or shout it out,
The bent overture,
Let me hear it at my request,
You may think it's funny but I don't know why,
It gets it all off your chest

One up the b-side(x2)
(after solo)
One up the b-side(x2)

I gotta do it
Just another time or else i'll lose my mind,
The answer's simple and straight to the point,
You can see it coming from behind

One up the b-side(x3)
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One Up The B-side Lyrics

Ozzy Osbourne – One Up The B-side Lyrics

Songwriters: OSBOURNE, OZZY
One Up The B-side lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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