I tried to ignore it all
The weight brought me to a fall
All the guilt and the shame
It's us who are to blame

There was no excuse
For your life to abuse
Played the executioner
Guilty of legal murder

Thoughts of nothingness
Feelings of emptiness
Gray clouds hang over me
Images of what came to be

The pain I feel, I can't hide
It hurts to cover up, what's inside
I wish I could take it back
Seeing your eyes rool into the black

Who were we to decide your fate
Told you we loved but all was take

Mourning again, it's a loss
Shoul've done better whatever the cost
We let you down in the worst way
All of this is why I'm saddened today

In my world there's cause for alarm
When I watched you die in my arms
All of this is making my soul bleed
All I ask of you is will you forgive me
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Forgive Me Lyrics

Oversoul – Forgive Me Lyrics

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