Strange environment
I have reached this point
First place in this mission
Don't know where I am
Asking my computer
Is there life in this place
Error on my screen
Nothing to display
Darkness surrounds me
Silence is in me
Searching or answers
There's no one responding
Then I here voices
From another time
This is the place
You have sent me to nothing
Strange environment
I am trapped in this place
Trying to get back
I don't know where I am
Now I see
There's a tunnel ahead
I hear these voices from the past
And from a place far beyond
Is there something I can bring back
Or am I a part of this strange place
Can this be real
Maybe I am dead
Bring me back
Can't stand this darkness
Can't stand this pain
Please respond
Can this be real
What have you done
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Strange Environment (Journey 2) Lyrics

Overflash – Strange Environment (Journey 2) Lyrics