Think I might get lucky tonight
Let my hair down get a little crazy, yeah
My reflection's doing alright
It don't take nothing to introduce suggestion
Everybody's got one thing on their mind
A set of wheels and a cranked up radio
In this town there might be nowhere to hide
In this town there might be nowhere to go but

On my left, to my right
This is my paradise
You can call it what you like, I know
This is my paradise

I might get lucky again
I got a deal I know it won't break me yeah
If I can't afford what money can buy
There's nothing better than a small town lady
I'm no different to the boy next door
A good time's the same for everyone
I don't need another chance to be sure
Since the day I was born I've always felt secure 'cos


Reputation's got a price of it's own
But not too many people want to pay for it
Everybody needs a place to come from
Everybody needs a place where they belong

Everybody, this is my paradise
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My Paradise Lyrics

Outfield – My Paradise Lyrics

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