I'm not the one to tell you what clothes to wear
I'm not the one who talks about your hair
I'm not the one to show you how I feel inside
I'm not the one to say how much I care

Every time you cry I cry just a little bit
Cry just a little bit
When you say goodbye, I die just a little bit
Cry just a little bit more

I know it's late, I guess I should have called today
I know you're tired of waiting by the phone
I know you say-you just don't know how long you'll wait
I know that you can't live your life alone


In a world where you think there's no one but you
But every time you need someone to dry your eyes
You call my name and know that I'll be there

[Chorus:Repeat x2]
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Everytime You Cry Lyrics

Outfield – Everytime You Cry Lyrics

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