Sittin' on the front porch, waitin' for you to come home
Visions of reuniting in my head
Only bitter-sweet memories, no holidays, no Christmas trees
Broken promises I have instead
How I used to wonder where did I go wrong, how you could've stayed away so long
Thank God for my mother hers was no easy song
Thank God that He showed me, how to get along

My papa was a rolling stone, abandoned us & left us lone
And how it broke my heart and home & had me losin' faith
Somebody saw what I went through and understood, had been there too
So glad they introduced me to, my Father, Father
Your story sounds a lot like mine, it's a story told a thousand times
Someone hurting leaves in disarray

But don't you know that God made you, more valuable than they ever knew
You know you can live past their mistakes
How you sit and wonder, how could all this be, someone that you loved so much
Just turn their backs and leave
Oh You need the lover of your soul and He is able to take care of you
He will never leave

Your papa was a rolling stone, abandoned you and left you lone
And how it broke your heart and home and has you losing faith
I'm seein' what you've going through: I understand, I've been there too
So let me introduce you to my Father, Father

No longer, solid ground under my feet
I know what my life is worth, no longer incomplete
I just want to tell you, you are truly loved
The maker of heaven, the maker of earth
You know He's got His hands on you and that is more than enough
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