Dress like we do,
Speak like we do,
Think like we do


Beneath the cold sun
Watching you walk away
Where my terror runs
In rivers so decayed

I am invisible...
I'm in this mood for days...
Teeth on every wall...
That never go away.

I'm made of blades and flame...
I'm sick and dangerous...
You're my favorite prey
'Cause I hurt the ones I love.

You're so lovely when you cry.
You're so perfect when you lie.
You can be my crucifix,
Hold me up to watch me die.

Can't you see?
I'm invisible...

Beneath the Pagan moon
One more prey dies today.
On sheets of flesh and doom
Shivering in endless shade like criminals...
The stain still remains
And I promise you, it never goes away.


Feast your eyes as the peripherals explode.

Can you see me now? (2x)

The ugly will resign
When the young blood eats the light.
And one day,
this pain could save your life.


Living in the shelter,
Lying here alive...
We're painting submission
Across the shadowed sky...

Fire on the sides,
Burned and bright, has arrived
Lost in flight, on golden molted wings

Now do you see?
Now do you...
Now do you see?

Mama, don't cry...
I'm leaving his life...
It's not your fault.
It's not your fault.

Paid for our sins,
You protected us then...
And saved us all.

I make this vow,
I promise you now

He'll never touch us again...
He'll never touch us again...
He'll never touch us again...
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Invisible Lyrics

Otep – Invisible Lyrics

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