Sometimes I wonder where I stand in my life
Always remembering what I've been through
It's good to have someone to take in the arms and cry
When I was feelin' bad
I've always wished I had friends like you
I've never been in the mood to give up
'Cause there was always something to be done
I seemed to be born to be sad in my life
I was taught to respect, will I be able to love my wife?

Feeling guilty, I'm guilty
Like I've been guilty every time

And life is too short
To try to understand
I better look for someone
Who wants to try to hold my hand
Tried out all drugs
And be high from nine to five
But I can't escape
No, I can't escape from my life

That's why I'm guilty, why I'm so guilty
I'm guilty of being shy
Feeling guilty, I'm so guilty
I'm bad 'cause I don't try

I've never contradicted
And the only one I hate is me
But I believe one day I'll be free
But I'm guilty, feel so lonely
Yet still I try, I try to make the best of my life

I'm guilty for my life
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Guilty Lyrics

Orange Blue – Guilty Lyrics