If this is our time
Stop running in circles
Unite your competence
Learn to speak with one voice
We've wailed for too long
Forgot our intentions
Neglected our common ground
Bidges burned, walls arose

Will you take care?
For the tasks of a modern world
We have grown up
It's up to you and me

Let the battle begin - let the agony break
We have the right to oppose - and now it's time to
Come let our patience explode - it's time to get

Something more
(Did you forget the ideals - that you we're fighting

A global response
To all of these questions
And fear in children's eyes
What tomorrow will bring
There might be a chance
A light in the future
A reason for getting through
All those days we resign

I know some day
My kids will ask me
What have you done? - eploitation
You've wasted all
So thanks - thanks for nothing
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Unite Lyrics

Oppose – Unite Lyrics

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