When you wake up in the morning
Why is it not her face in your mind

When your driving home from work
Why is it not her face in your mind all the time

(Pre chorus)
Don't tell me that's just how things work
Cause I'm no longer buying that line
Pretty soon shell start to wonder why she's giving you all her time

Wake up wake up don't know how good you have it
Wake up wake up you don't realize what you are losing
Wake up wake up
Wake up your gonna lose the only thing in your life worth losing

When she lies awake in bed
She's wishing on the stars up above

But you just string her along
Don't you think shell start to question your love

(Pre chorus)

Ever think she'll realize what your doing?
You better wake up before it's too late
Don't you think she'll realize what she's missin'?
You better hope you wake up and you realize what your losin'...

Wake up
Wake up

Wake up
Wake up

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Wake Up Lyrics

One Match Left – Wake Up Lyrics

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