I'm so wasted
Can't you taste it
I don't know if I can do this again
My heart's pumping
Hands all shaking
When did all of this *beep* began
Sometimes I feel like
I'm lost and
Wonder if all of this is out of hand
Feel completed
When I take it
It's like joy playing out in a band

Start on a new life and begin
Move it on and make it clean
Get a job on the spot
Try to be the one I'm not
But who cares it's just me
Trying to be a man in between
Get a car and move away
To a place where I can stay

I can take it
Just leave it
Can't stay on that roadsigns again
I'm leaving
Say goodbye and
Let's sail of to another land
I'm completed
I've manage
To take on a new lead to stand
Feel happy
Not to worry
I've found a new home with my friend


Have to forget about it
Move in and out of it
Make a life once again
Todays the day that I can

Have to put my foot down
Listen to my heart and the sound
Seems like a simple plan
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Simple Plan Lyrics

One Buck Short – Simple Plan Lyrics

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