Stop, yes
Stop, go
You got more trouble than I've ever known
But it's all right and succeeding
That's the kinda talk I need to lose

[Chorus: ]
(You tell me)
(You got a paper thin soul)
Stop, yes
I can fly
But conditions anesthetized
(You got a paper thin soul)
Stop, go
Let me know
I'll take direction from your paper soul
(You got a paper thin soul)

I fell down
On your clues
You got me tripping on your swing set blues
This is the kinda shit I need to drop
But it's alright but now I can fly

[Chorus: ]
Soul (Repeat 4X)

Making the rounds
I come upon
The history of your greatest bombs
Nothing is safe when I'm in your mind
I'll take the past
And make it mine

[Chorus: ]

(You got a paper thin soul) (Repeat 5X)
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Paper Thin Soul Lyrics

On – Paper Thin Soul Lyrics

Songwriters: KEN ANDREWS
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