Yo y'all
Mah friendz ova thurr and ova herre
Don't worry be happy coz I'm commin near
Have no fear better make yourselves clear
I hate people sheddin tears
Now, betta cheer up or I'll hate you
If you don't, make way coz I'm commin thru
And if you have nothin better to do
Me and my friends will come with you

Holla at the back
If you don't say hi, I'll give you a smack
And whack
Your dace turned red
Give me a look and I'll twist your head
And if that happens you'll be dead

You'll be sleepin in your coffin
Then everyone will be lyk, what da fuck happened?!

Fuhget tht shit! Let's move on
If you can't
I'll leave you alone
While I'll be sittin on my throne
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Friends Lyrics

Oman Freestyle – Friends Lyrics