(barkam/adams)Hey, girl, put away your handkerchiefDry your eyes and get ahold of your heartLift your head up, don’t you worry nowBrighter days are just about to startYou been scraping bottom long enoughPushed and pulled by every all-the-way guy, yeahBut now I’m here to shelter youAnd love you faithfully until I die, yeahYou’re my baby nowAnd I wanna take care of youYou’re my baby nowAnd I wanna take care of youDon’t you be afraid to follow meTake my hand and let me lead you awayAway from all those bitter memoriesThat you’re having trouble shaking today, yeahJust relax and let me open your eyesTo all the things you never could see’cause once you’re in my arms and feel the loveI got for you you’re gonna be free, yes you willDon’t you worry, baby(don’t worry, baby yeah)Hmm, everything gonna be all right(I know you’re gonna make it, you’re gonna make it right)Don’t you worry, honey, no no no(oh, hold me to you, baby, hold me close)Gonna make the sun shine(gonna make the sun shine)Gonna make the sun shine so high
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You’re My Baby Now Lyrics

Olivia Newton-John – You’re My Baby Now Lyrics