(g. rafferty)Spinning on another wheelGoing round in slow motionCaught up in another dreamDrifting on a blue oceanWhen you gonna reach outOnly you can turn your world aroundWhen will you surrenderAnd wake up to the realBut you don’t want to start just yetYou watch the seasons come and goYou remember and then you forgetAll along the wayYou can make a better lifeYou’re just waiting for the right momentYou can find another wayYou’re just waiting for the right momentWhen you gonna let goAnd forget about the life you knewWhen will you surrenderAnd wake up to the realNow you know that it’s all borrowed timeStill you waste another dayBut you watch and you wait for a signAll along the way
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The Right Moment Lyrics

Olivia Newton-John – The Right Moment Lyrics

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