(olivia newton-john)In my room,where I used to sleep with youThings have changedAll that’s left are the memories of twoTwo who loved and dreamed whereThe trees seem to whisper your nameBut I don’t like to go there’cause rosewater no longer feels the sameThrough the glassThe sun shows the knocks on the wallSeasons pass and you know how it looks in the fallHere at my rosewater,the glass is a deeper greenAnd a calm surrounds herWhen love was here,the warmest place I’ve ever beenAs I walk the echo of empty,i hearAnd I feel that this house is not homeAnd now we’re not here,it’s lonelyThe stairs seem to beckon me to stayBut dreams are better treasuredThan slowly eaten awayChristmas time,when snow filled your garden with whileThen the moon’s cold patterns on windows at nightNow you’ll make a new homeWith people as hopefull as weOver their dreams and their secretsBut don’t ever,please don’t everRosewater,forget about meForget about me
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Rosewater Lyrics

Olivia Newton-John – Rosewater Lyrics

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