The world outside is raining
My tears are falling down
I have felt so empty
Not having you around

You've gone with your two children
And left me here to cry
We shared nearly five years
And then you say, "Good-bye"

(Refrain) How could you leave me
And throw it all away
You must believe me
I still love you all today... And

Ever since you've gone, dear
I don't know what to do
I can't stop crying
I'm so in-love, with you.

Yes, ever since you've gone, dear
And threw my love away
I have been so lonely
I miss you everyday

(Refrain ii) You must believe me
I'll love you till I die
How you gould deceive me
I'll never know just why... Still

If some day, you find, dear
We should try it once again
All you have to do, dear
Is say, "good-bye," to him

Until then, I'll keep waiting
That's all that I can do
And pray that you're all happy
I'm still in-love with you.
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Ever Since You've Gone Lyrics

Ohiocrowman – Ever Since You've Gone Lyrics