All dressed in woolen bloomers you were
A sleepy little sailor
Fighting for his dreams
Out in crashing sea

She'll put you in a corner for your
Boyish little nature
And send you off to be
With your bottom red

Under cover you wanna love her
But you won't behave
She'll make you wait for
What you crave

Now on the sea you'll search forever
Lovers that you squandered
For her you'd always leave
And leave their hearts to bleed

You hear her calling
Red skies a warning
Your ship has gone ashore
That siren's lock is on your door

Now in your room you'll yearn for all her
White and yellow roses
That you've only seen
In your wildest dreams

Your suffering can't pay for all the
Gifts she'll never offer
You'd think she'd never heard
Three magic little words
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Sleepy Little Sailor Lyrics

Oh Susanna – Sleepy Little Sailor Lyrics