Tell me what to do
Tell me what to say
Do I have to fell glad?
Or do I have to feel sad?

How many years have gone?
Another years would come
Its a great challenge in life
To face the obstacles
As we say.................

Goodbye, goodbye
I don't wanna lose you
Start to face the new world
Journey of my life
Goodbye, goodbye
I don't wanna lose you
Memories of my past
My life I had
Would be brighter as the sun
Goodbye, goodbye............

I know that we're be going away
Its hard to follow
Path of our own sorrow
But still here I am
Ready to lean on
Ready to move on.........

Repeat chorus 2x

Goodbye, goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye
(till fade)
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Goodbye Lyrics

Ogie Alcasid – Goodbye Lyrics