We'll bring the system down
We'll forget
As the walls crack from behind
Feel the earth as it
As our shadows fade in the dust

As we gaze the
Last steps of mankind
They're out of control in this

Distinguish the fallen masses of our created
An eye for an eye law paints the new babylon
Chests of passed corruptions evade us
--Live your life to
The fullest, achive the hedonistic cycle of pleasure, lucid
Dreams awaken the frozen--

Chug the last piece of liquer
To keep yourself warm
Strangled bodies twitch for an
Let your guts be strangled by vomit and piss
Hunters present for you
The two remaining choices of our
--picture a world where no one is discriminated
Against for being different An open meadow of your
Acomplished dreams come true, come true--

Picture a
Meadow of your dreams come true to life, never forget this
Site let them treat us like fucking animals in this

--one idea can move mountains
One theory can rise
A nation to act and--
Bring the wall down'
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The Hedonist Lyrics

Ocean Within – The Hedonist Lyrics

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