Never had a girlfriend that doubled as a bailiff
My credit card; her weapon of choice to betray me with
Looking back she had her fill
Up and left me with the bill
Took my heart, and took my cash, not to mention will to live

The last place she was seen, was a shop in oxford street
"Keep the change," she said "I need a new wardrobe for my feet!"
Taxi full to the roof
How can she hide the proof?
As she gets home, pays with a fifty then torches the receipt

I'm no ATM, no honey
No Mr money bags
Never cared for the finer things
I don't want to be a drag but now she's
Left me, and I share my lonely floor
With the things that didn't fit out my door
No ATM no Mr money bags

I Never had a girlfriend that doubled as a bailiff
The PIN is mightier than the sword so does she wonder if
She swipes the card across my mouth
A small fortune would fall out?
For some toy boy, a brand new car and a lovely place to live
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Mr Money Bags Lyrics

Ocasan – Mr Money Bags Lyrics