From night to dawn
You soldiered on, did ya?
Each day is a gift
But you led us strong
And kept us on, did ya?
Like each day is a gift

I never thought that I'd be here with you
Saying all these words that I have to
But after all is said and all is done
I never meant to ever hurt no one

And nothing has to change
You and I are strange
Passing in the night
Between the darkness and the rain

At the crack of dawn
You grab my arm, did ya?
Each day was a gift
You told me, "slow,
Before I move on
You must remember each day is a gift."
I never understood what was for you
Could never be for me this'll have to do
But after all you said and all you've done
I know you never meant to hurt no one

Nothing has to change
You and I can be strange
Passing in the days
Between the morning and the rain [Repeat: x 2]

I can see you now
Its like you were never gone

From dusk to dawn
You soldiered on
Like each day was a gift
Oh, you led us strong
But you couldn't hold on
And that's fine,
'Cause each day was a gift

I don't know when
I'll be home
So save a place for me 'til I get there
I don't know when
I'll be home
So save a place for me

For me [Repeat: x 4]
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Gift Lyrics

O.A.R. – Gift Lyrics


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