Straight west coast flava
Um 1994
Nuttin Nyce is in the house
Bring it to me!
Hotel Motel Holiday Inn
Whateva you want I got it
Whateva you need I got it
Reach in my backpack
And pick you out a condom
Ain't got no love for those who
Won't wear them really no so
All I wanna know is do you want me
(Someone to play with)
Down for whateva be it night or day
(Someone to play with)
Tell me what you need and I'll make it happen
(Someone to play with)
Whateva it is I'll be there right away
(Someone to play with)
Set it off with the strip up to strawberry hill
Then hit the chronic
You know I feel so by.I.onic Damn it!
And I exhale you like to get deep
So deep now you meet the freak of the week so
Oh! It's a shame what you do to me
Let me see you work it babe
A 68 drive me craze
I just wanna satisfy ya
Lay back let me ride you boy you know
Where I go when ya do what ya doin' to me so
I heard you wanna come and play
Not a day you could have it your way
Freak show at the door here we go nuttin nyce
Thrown down at the rodeo show
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Down 4 Whateva Lyrics

Nyce Nuttin – Down 4 Whateva Lyrics