Fires burning cities down
Your whole world's destroyed
Mutants crawl out from the ruins
To put you to the sword
Poisoned air in darkened skies
Flows across the land
Fear and pain they breed despair
A new Dark age is at hand
After the Holocaust
After the Holocaust
Peoples lives are ruined
By man they've ever seen
A choice of death made for man
By leaders behind the scenes
The end result of a Nuclear War
That laid waste to us all
Our civilization crumbled down
By nightmares that destroy
After the Holocaust
After the Holocaust
Now the final curtains fall
On the world that you have planned
Most of those who have survived
Will die by their own hand
And now the world lies deathly still
Ruled by thise insane
One can only wander now
If they'll make the same mistake
After the Holocaust
After the Holocaust
After the Holocaust

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After The Holocaust Lyrics

Nuclear Assault – After The Holocaust Lyrics

Songwriters: GLENN EVANS
After The Holocaust lyrics © NUCLEAR ASSAULT ENTERPRISES,

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