"Stick this one in your face, motherfucker"

We are the army of the anarchist
Viewed as Americas cicatrix
We are the flawed
We are the scared
We are the true America
Now what the fuck you gonna do that the Devils got a hold of you
Lie like you always do
We got two words that say it all
Fuck you!

Let it all Burn
Let it all Burn,,, embrace the brimstone
Let it all Burn
Let it burn!

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrahh... I'm so fucking sick of this
Our politics are so unclean
Step back make way for the new regime
The Bombs - The Guns - The Blood - The Death - The Fun
We can never get enough
These men are gonna pay in blood
And blood will fill the streets

"Believe me, if I started murdering people... they're would be none of you left"

Seething - Screaming - Bleeding - Murder
Seething /empire
Screaming / contempt
Bleeding / revolt

"Maybe I should of killed, then maybe I would have felt better... and really offered society something"

Burn It!
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Let It Burn Lyrics

Nothingface – Let It Burn Lyrics