My life is hell and I'm living in a hole of my own
No way out, I'm going insane, there's no way out
This hole is killing my hope of life, and everything
Seems so sensless, fuck this life, its worthless to live
In a hole

I don't want to live to this life anymore, I want more
Pain and agony, sorrow and grief, till I bleed
Touch of death is coming for me, and I'm ready
I'll die in my hole and I just fucking love it

Hellhole, that's the place I want to be, all alone
Hellhole, is my home and I'm not gonna leave
Hellhole, it's only for me
Hellhole, my hell's my heaven my everything

[Solo: Kride]
[Solo: Pete]
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Hellhole Lyrics

Norther – Hellhole Lyrics