Chorus (2x):
You could've been satisfied
You could've been full inside
You could've been happy
Simply with your peace of mind

(Trapped inside)
Places I'm starting to hate
(Stuck inside)
Wasted I fall into place
Watching the world
(And waiting)
And waiting for something to change
Do what we have to
To get what we need
From what's left for people like me
Battered and bruised from the chances I take
It's the impossible way that I think

Repeat Chorus

(More than just)
More than a thorn in my side
(More than just)
More than our differece aside
I'm choosing sides now
(Still waiting)
For my peace of mind now
No strings attached
To the...
Promises given
To the...
Faces and places of those that I hate
It's the impossile way that I think

Repeat Chorus

Here's your share and my share
You still need more to fill
It's all or nothing at all
You take from me
You need the rest from me

Repeat Chorus (2x)
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Peace Of Mind Lyrics

Nonpoint – Peace Of Mind Lyrics