Now that I know,
why did I doubt you,
I let you go,
Now I'm without you,
Thought I was cool,
I was the fool,
Fell to temptation

But you won't see me cry,
'Cause its no good,
Since you said goodbye.
And now honey I gotta stop,
Gotta start pickin' up,
Gotta pull myself together,
Honey, I'm breakin' up,
Now that we ain't makin' up,
Just gotta pull myself together.

I was so sure,
it wouldn't upset me,
so I closed the door,
why did you let me,
I lost control,
Out for sensation,
I'm in the cold,
sad situation,
I try hard not to say,
I t hurt so bad,
since you went away.
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Gotta Pull Myself Together Lyrics

Nolans – Gotta Pull Myself Together Lyrics

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