Let's go!

It's three o'clock at the Triple Rock
Another round of watching batty talk

It's where you wanna get snowed in when you can
Snowing outside it's ten below

Is it day or night we don't care or know
What we know is we don't want to be anywhere but here

Please don't make us leave
When in Minnesota and you've got a drinking quota

I'm seeing double at the triple rock
We're still here watching batty talk

Then undress and get out the top 10
The One question still remains

How much more oran(??) can we take
I'll let you know when the medication wears off

I'm a religious drunk
And this is where I pray

We're a church of alcoholics
Can't bring up the congregation

Give us air to breathe through carbonation
We are at the good church and your feltching on bar stools

We're praying that the tabs will keep the holy water flowing
He keeps a communion and a long night of confessions

Coming home after noon seems to raise a lot of questions
When in Minnesota and you've got a drinking quota
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Seeing Double At The Triple Rock Lyrics