Give it up for working stiffs
And those who sell their bodies time + future
The popular people who can shout and spread
A catchy rationalization
Let's have a cheer for androids, robots,
Servants and their masters
"Blind leading the blind" and "slavery is freedom."
Starts to resound everyone knew Madison
She came to Hollywood a couple buttons short
Couldn't keep her story straight she had a
Drawer full of poisons, punctures, pictures of victims

Of course someone asks are they still victims if
They never realize it? Go ask a PA minor
Breathing blackness smoking 3 packs of Camels
Loyal Americans who love their collar colored
+ 40 hours. A spade is still a spade, a collar
Is still a collar whether it be blue or white
It's still around your neck, the silk leash nice + tite
Your wife helped pick it out. The irony is
That you worked 3 hours for it you wish you
Could ignore it. You're a hooker.

You start to realize it's true, they sniff their coke
You huff your glue. Pimps + prostitutes
Businessmen in monkey suits on their
Knees lickin corporate boots. Suckin up
Jumpin through hoops. Pimps + Wall St. ho's
Work the street in business clothes
Blow jobs, rimming, sucking cock
They're getting laid while you're getting laid off.
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Pimps And Hookers Lyrics

NOFX – Pimps And Hookers Lyrics