We're the band with our own label
That's money under the table
That's answering to no one
Still bands just love to hate us
Talking shit behind us
But smiling to our face

That's okay
It's not that they don't like us
They're just a little jealous
'Cause we're having more fun
(the band that wouldn't die)
We're the self-crowned kings of candor
Sultans of slander
Bastions of D.I.Y.

Which means we make more money
We've got better prescriptions
We own most of our own music
No one's got their hands in our pockets
We don't have management
We get to play loaded
And only 3 months a year
Some years we just take off
Vacations are a write off
And so is going out
(Fuck us)
I suppose that's how we'll go out
Played out and way after our time
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60% (Reprise) Lyrics

NOFX – 60% (Reprise) Lyrics